Jack's Weather Report


By Sharon Fritz on Apr 23, 2024 at 10:20 PM

Good Tuesday morning,

Lots of fog out there. Not as wet as yesterday but still quite damp. fog level is at 5000 feet, so higher elevations are seeing the drizzle.


Clearing today is more likely, but reverse clearing. That means the coastal locations with see the clouds’ part before the valleys.

looks like clearing will occur this afternoon, but it will be cool and chilly.

Fog, low clouds, and drizzle are part of the forecast the entire week with a 20 to 30 % chance of morning drizzles. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-119.68313605338334&lat=34.43067150908138

Thursday a weak low pressure system will roll over us. This alone will not cause rain, but combined with the marine layer drizzle and light rain is possible.

Friday another chance for drizzle, but this will be the last day of the gloom.

It looks like the weekend through Monday we will be warming each day with more sunshine.

Better news for Sunday we are looking at 70s and some 80s as we see more sun and high pressure takes over.

April continues to be funky, just like the entire year of 2024 so far… just way to wet and chilly so far, we will hope for better weather soon.

It must be coming, May is a week away.

Jack Martin


By jack martin on Apr 23, 2024 at 10:19 PM

Good Monday morning,

Lots of fog along the coast, last evening after clearing came for a short period in the afternoon. The fog quickly reformed around 5pm.

I was in santa Ynez Sunday till noon where it hit 80 degrees. Here upper 60s.

Today Thick fog, cool damp weather is what our week is looking like
Pea soup out there with some pockets of drizzle , this will persist though Wednesday at this point with fog, drizzle and possibly light rain . This is not a big storm system, but measurable rain is likely into mid week.

Thursday looks like some wind then Friday another system mainly to the north and over the mountain with rain possibilities. Just more funky weather as it just does not want to end.

This week will be more May gray or June gloom like.
It does look like the next weekend will be warmer and we will return to decent weather.

That’s the best I can do at this point, another funky week

Jack Martin


By jack martin on Apr 23, 2024 at 10:16 PM

Good Saturday morning,

Sorry about the lack of weather reports this week, I was busy each morning and there was not a lot to report. All is fine on my front and sorry about the absence during your morning cup of coffee , tea or whatever you drink while reading my report .
I also noticed that dave dumve was on vacation this week from KSYV who also does a great weather report, I was not on vacation, but my full time job kept me busy.
As far as our weather goes, we are in a very typical spring and early summer pattern .
Where the valleys have not really heated up that much, the coastal areas are seeing typical foggy conditions that , we expect on and off though June and into early to mid July .
The marine layer is thick and Friday it hung around the coast the entire day . This morning it is 2500 feet thick and extends into the santa Ynez valley .
High pressure will build in today and through Sunday with earlier clearing along the coast . The valleys will be warmer with upper 70s and some 80s . Still cool for late April .
Along the coast the sun should show up today, but the marine layer will likely hang around till early afternoon . Where yesterday was very chilly we should approach the low 70s today, along the coast with Sunday more clearing and warmer .
Monday high pressure breaks down then throughout the week we see a series of low pressure system bringing back the thicker marine layer . Regarding the 4 letter word we have learn to hate this year “ RAIN “ I really do not think we will see much if any it will be in the form of drizzle or possibly light rain later in the week .
Time will tell , but there is an inside slider that generally does not bring us rain only wind. There is also a possibility of a cut off low that could form and create light rain. More likely over mountains and LA at this point . Not to worry, I will keep us updated early next week as we get close .
Next weekend is looking to be good with high pressure building back in …
Since it is Saturday and I don’t have a lot of employees to worry about so let’s have some fun with facts and our weather .
This years rainfall has exceeded last year in most location . However it is not a record. The only record is likely for 2 year rain totals that far exceeded normal totals for the past 2 years .
Here is where we are at with rainfall locally . An average of 50% more rain the normal across the county and Santa Barbara 75% more rain the normal
All lakes are full in the area https://files.countyofsb.org/pwd/hydrology/Rainfall%20Reports/rainfallreport.pdf
To the north in Monterey county , really the same results . Naciemento is full and for lots of boat lovers maybe to full because parking is extremely limited
Sunrise is 621 am and sunset 735 pm . Doing quick math we are 11hours and 14 minutes , with day light extending 30 to 40 minutes more .
Tide schedule high tide today 8:35 am today 4.22 and low tide a fairly low 0.54 at 2:36 pm which can make a nice beach walk . With hopefully some sun shine
The ocean temp is a chilly 57.7 degrees . Wet suits are needed
Surf !!! sleep in , if that’s what your after it is pretty flat at 1 to 2 feet . Leadbetter is worse at 0 to 1 foot . Again a nice walk on the beach weather .
Ok I tried to make up for the lack of reporting this week . Enjoy the weekend , it will be way nicer in santa Ynez valley this weekend , maybe a good time to go wine tasting at sunstone 😄 it is still pretty foggy here …

Regardless, have a great weekend
Jack Martin


By Jack Martin on Apr 15, 2024 at 09:12 PM

Tax day has arrived... 4/15/24... but so has the sunshine, which is back again. Hopefully for a long time.

The weekend rains were quite strong for this time of year. The big winner as San Marcos pass with 3.13 inches, Santa Ynez with 2.12 inches and Montecito had an easier time with 1 inch. The real difference was the heavier rains that occurred on Sunday https://www.weather.gov/lox/LAXRRMSBA

This is all in the past now and we are ready for sunshine and warmer temps for the entire week. Warming each day with 70s coastal and 80s valleys by mid-week.

Thursday cooler with some coastal fog, but no rain in site. Hopefully, this means we are done with the heavier rains. We are now in mid-April, with daylight arriving at 6am hour and sunset at 7:31 pm. This means lots of daylight and the sun angle will begin to heat up the skies.

Just look at these crazy rain totals year to date. Santa Barbara has received 188% above normal rain totals. Everywhere is 150% over normal rain totals


Enjoy the sunshine, time for spring and warmer weather... Bring on summer 😊

Jack Martin


By jack martin on Apr 15, 2024 at 09:09 PM

Good Sunday morning,

Just another rainy day. Rain is picking up again as the low that has been spinning bands of moisture is finally moving south. https://zoom.earth/maps/satellite/#view=35.34,-125.96,5z/date=2024-04-14,03:00,-7

Rain is really coming down north of our areas. Here showers will continue throughout the day, but more on and off

Rain totals so far run anywhere from 1/2 to 2 inches. The higher amounts are in the mountains. Lots of snow also covering the hills in Santa Ynez and some even local SB hills . Snow levels are at 3500 to 4000 feet today. More snow in the hills are likely IMG_7435Moving into the work week, the snow will melt quickly and we will dry out. Warming into the 80s by mid week in the valleys and 70s coastal. A little cool down on Thursday with on shore flow lasting into Saturday, but still nice with 70s. It will also be dry with no rain chances next week. As mentioned yesterday the 8 to 14 day forecast is dry, and warmer. Enjoy the last day of rain, then let’s bring on dry and warm.

Have a great Sunday, stay dry...


By jack martin on Apr 15, 2024 at 09:06 PM

Happy Saturday the 13th of April. Here is the next system spinning off the coast, but moving a little slower then expected
Rain will develop this morning as the first part of the system moves through.

Rain is approaching quickly, and is just to our north. It looks like a wet 36 hours. Here is the low down on how much rain we will see https://www.weather.gov/wrh/TextProduct?product=laxqpslox. 1 to 1.5 inches coastal and up to 3 inches in the mountains. Here is the rain right now. If your not getting wet you soon will be https://radar.weather.gov/station/KVBX/standard

Expect rain through the day, then a break later tonight. Sunday more rain with showers as the cold air passes through. As mentioned before snow levels will drop to 4000 feet on Sunday.

Looking ahead the system clears out Sunday night then moves across the country through the week. It will cause wild weather and tornados mid week Tuesday or Wednesday in the middle of the country. For us we clear out and welcome sun and warmer weather.

Highs will get into the 70s and 80s by mid week. Cooling Thursday some. But great news the 8 to 14 day forecast shows dry and above normal temps, so hopefully this will end the rains that we have had to much of this year.

It will be a wet weekend, so a good time to catch up on paperwork or clean out your garage. Maybe finish your taxes, because Monday is April 15th. I need to fund my IRA today. Regardless it will be an indoor weekend. Enjoy, I promise weekends will get better soon.

Jack Martin


By jack martin on Apr 12, 2024 at 04:14 PM

Good Friday morning,

Quite a change is the weather today from Thursday, with temps a lot cooler today. Temps will dip 10 to 20 degrees from Thursdays highs.

Last night was fantastic outside until the cooler air arrived Thursday night. We went to Solvang theater fest which I have not been to for many years.

It was really a great very small venue with every seat being fantastic. We saw Jimmy Messina, and Pablo Cruz, it was just a great show. Jimmy was the best. Playing a lot of music that you expect from Kenny Loggins. The venue was like a mini-SB county bowl holding maybe 600 to 800 people.

I highly recommend it if you have not been there in along time or never, it was well worth the late night.

Onto the weather, as mentioned earlier, quite a bit cooler today. Highs will only be in the 60s, low clouds and some fog to start the day, with a few pockets of drizzle.

This afternoon the system moves closer https://zoom.earth/ with rain starting tonight and overnight. Rain will start out light overnight, but as we get into Saturday it will get much wetter.
Looks like 1/4 inch over night tonight. Saturday 3/4 of an inch and rain stops Saturday night, with showers and another 1/4-inch Sunday. Overall a good rain with 1 to 2 inches in total.

Saturday will be quite windy in SB with south winds at 20 to 30 miles an hour. Highs will only be in the 50s for the weekend. Snow level starts out at 6000 feet and drops to 4000 feet Sunday.

Sunday will be one of those days with cold air and thundershowers possible. It will be spotty rain. Hopefully, nothing like the last storm that brought that crazy rain in Montecito.

Good news for next week, we clear out the storm and start a gradual warm up. Highs will get into the 80s by Wednesday, then cool slightly Thursday. It looks like a dry week ahead.

When will this rain end? The wet weather just continues. I am very ready to put a close to this wet season.

It will be a very wet Saturday, so outdoor plans are not looking good, besides that it will be very chilly all weekend.

Let's make the best of it, sunny and warmer days will arrive one of these days 😊

Jack Martin


By jack martin on Apr 11, 2024 at 10:05 PM

Good Thursday morning,

You can see and feel the changes starting along the coast. Low fog levels are hugging the coast of SB. This will clear by late morning bringing sunny skies this afternoon. Many inland areas will see no fog, just more sun and warm temps. Inland valleys will see upper 70s to low 80s today. Coastal areas 70s due to the fog this morning.

Overall a nice Thursday, just some fog to start the day.

Friday the big change arrives, where 80s were in the valleys, it will drop to 60s as the late season low starts to arrive

Zoom Earth | Live Weather Map & Hurricane Tracker

It looks like rain will hold off until Friday night into Saturday early morning in LA.

Another Saturday will bring more rain as the low moves over us.
Overall we are looking at around an inch coastal and 2 inches in the mountains. Saturday highs will only get into the 50s for most and snow levels at 5500 to 6000 feet.

Sunday, cool and some showers are likely, but the bulk of the rain will be over.

Next week, dry and warming all week. This is great news with 80s by midweek.

I know I sound like a skipping record player, but hopefully this will be the last real storm event for the season. As we are all tired of this crazy 2023-2024 rainy season. Looking back over the past 2 years we have seen crazy rains. The wettest years since 2004.

Jack Martin


By Jack Martin on Apr 10, 2024 at 09:44 PM

Good morning,

Just look outside right now, it is going to be a perfect day. highs today for all will be in the 70s and 80s.

One of those chambers of commerce days, high pressure and weak offshore flow will make today and Thursday great, warm days with above normal temps.

Thursday coastal areas will cool a few degrees due to onshore flow, but foothills and mountains will be even warmer then today.

You would never know it looking out there and at the satellite that rain is on the way... https://zoom.earth/maps/satellite/#view=43.8,-118.9,4z (look up well to the north in Alaska)

The change arrives Friday with cooler temps and onshore flow. It looks like maybe some fog Friday and a much cooler day.

Friday afternoon into Friday evening a storm out of the gulf of Alaska arrives. This is a cold storm. Snow level very low at 5500 feet especially for this time of year.

Rain Friday night and Saturday for all, maybe some showers Sunday. How much rain models are still all over the board but this system that will spin counter clockwise down the coast. This means more rain for Santa Barbara and south facing mountains. 1 to 2 inches in the hills, and .5 to 1 inch coastal. Central coast and south facing areas will see the most rainfall. It is just crazy that rain just keeps coming this year, and this weekend is no different. If you look at the past 5 weekends, we have received rain 4 out of the 5 and the one we did not see rain last weekend, but it rained Thursday and Friday. just crazy and hopefully this is going to stop.

Next week does look like we will see dry weather and warming again

Enjoy the next 2 days, it will be fantastic, but another wet weekend is ahead of us.

Jack Martin


By jack martin on Apr 05, 2024 at 03:52 PM

Good Friday morning,

Last night the rain went through just as forecast. Rain totals were right in line as predicted. SB received 1/4 inch, the pass 1/2 inch Santa Ynez valley .40

Interesting that Montecito only received .002 according to the gages.

Today it is all about cold weather with chilly conditions and showers on and off. The snow level is at around 3000 feet and can fall as low as 2500 feet in thunder storm location. The air is cold and unstable any heating today can lead to afternoon thunder showers mainly over the mountains. Showers are likely on and off throughout the day, with some sun peaking throughout at times.

It will be chilly with highs only in the 50s. Tonight the system clears out and sunshine returns on Saturday. Highs Saturday will warm 6 to 8 degrees but will be 8 degrees below normal for this time of year. Sunday will be the same, with slightly warmer temps but still below normal.

Next week we are looking at a break from the rains and a warming trend Tuesday and Wednesday, as off shore and high pressure builds in. Highs will be in the 70s and some 80s in the valleys. Warming will create some nice spring blooms in the hills and valleys showing their colors.

Hopefully we are near the end of a very wet season and we can all start to mop up after a very wet first quarter. For the year we are at an average of 130 % of above normal rainfall for the entire year through aug 31st. Some locations are almost 200% above normal rainfall. This is as of yesterday. It is higher as of today.


It has been a crazy year, and hopefully we can start to enjoy what we love Santa Barbara and Southern California for.

Have a great Friday, bring a jacket and maybe an umbrella.

The weekend will be cool but sunny with no rain!

Jack Martin