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By Jamie Graham on Jun 15, 2020 at 02:41 PM

Good Monday morning, 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I know I did as my girls brought 2 more Grand Daughters into our lives.

Parker and Resse 7# 13 oz and 7# 15 oz. Two healthy girls!


By Jamie Graham on Mar 30, 2020 at 02:35 PM

Good Sunday morning, 

It is always great to wake up in Santa Barbara in these unsettled times.

I go through my morning mental check list, sore throat ? No 😊  It is going to be a good day.

I was at Hendry’s beach yesterday, it was nice to get out. Seeing everyone practicing good social distancing, and enjoying something we all love.

We ordered food and drinks of course from the Boathouse To Go and sat 6 feet apart on the beach.


By Jamie Graham on Feb 24, 2020 at 03:40 PM

Good Friday morning, 

Well there it is....Our cut-off low spinning over the ocean around 500 West of point conception.

Today we will see weak off shore winds that will keep us mostly sunny. 

The low to the west will remain parked and spinning into late afternoon, then move East towards us.


By Jamie Graham on Dec 11, 2019 at 05:48 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

Looks like lots of surfers will be ill the next few days. A west swell will make surfers quite happy.

For non surfers, there is a low to the north which will give rain to Northern California.


By Jamie Graham on Nov 29, 2019 at 04:28 PM

Good Friday Morning,

I hope everyone had a nice day off in the middle of the week. It was quite interesting weather for southern California. We typically don’t see snow and hail here.

Today as I woke up, I had to think about what day it is. “For me a work day”.

For all those Crazy people that are going shopping, you better dress warm. It is cold and windy out there.


By Jamie Graham on Nov 15, 2019 at 05:39 PM

In the meantime, low pressure is dropping south and we will have a cool day. The system will stall west of point conception, then continue to the Baja Saturday.

Temps will be on the rise Saturday through Monday as offshore flow and some Santa Ana wind knock on the door. Everyone will see low 80s for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  

Here is how it looks from the sky


By Jamie Graham on Nov 08, 2019 at 04:23 PM

Good Friday morning, 

The weekend is upon us, and for some a 3 day weekend. Thanks to one of the holidays that government celebrates and we celebrate at work . . 


By Jamie Graham on Oct 17, 2019 at 03:22 PM

Good Thursday morning, 

Another week flying by. Speaking of flying, the start of the wind event will begin today and last throughout the weekend.

Winds will not be too crazy, but mountain areas will reach gusts of 50 miles an hour.

Today will be a cool day as low pressure has taken over. Winds will also pick up this afternoon and northwest winds will be around tonight. 

Changes in the Air

By Jamie Graham on Sep 16, 2019 at 03:48 PM

Perfect Weather for the Weekend

By Jamie Graham on Aug 16, 2019 at 03:24 PM

Perfect Weekend Ahead

This is why we love southern coastal California. Never too hot and never too cold. 

Here we are in the middle of August and everyone else is hot or wet. 

We just have to put up with damp mornings and mid to upper 70s. 

This trend goes through the weekend and into next week, with a warm up early next week.