This Week's Weather

By Jack Martin on Dec 05, 2016 at 04:26 PM

Good Monday morning,

Here we go another start to the work week. We are going to have a mixed bag of weather this week. A little of everything.

Today will be sunny and nice, with some fog in Santa Ynez and central coast.

Tonight will bring fog to most areas, except where northwest winds blow.

Tuesday there will be fog in the morning with on shore flow, followed by wind Tuesday afternoon and night for SB with winds from the northwest.

Wednesday the winds shift to the northeast Dry day.

Thursday a chance of rain begins from the north to the south. It appears at this point that rain chances will be mainly to the north, but may get into Santa Barbara County. We will need to wait and see…

Friday through Sunday a few weak systems pass over bringing a chance of rain at times, but bottom line, we have a few systems coming and going. Tuesday the first is dry and we will just get some on shore flow and damp mornings, which then is followed by wind. After that passes, the next arrives on Thursday. Rain chance start Thursday morning and then move south. The wettest model show rain for Santa Barbara, but the other 2 keep it to the north for now.

Friday through the weekend we have a few weak systems that could bring rain at times. Too early to make a call in when. Looks to be light however.

Stay tuned.........

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