Good Monday Morning

By Jack Martin on Nov 21, 2016 at 05:25 PM

Good Monday morning,

It sure is pretty after the rain. Crystal clear thanks to the rain and a nice breeze. The rain was a little disappointing. It sure was nice to hear the rain. I sat on my covered deck and listen to it while watching TV. The sad part was we only got ½ an inch along the coast, the 154 got an inch.

I wanted more... Oh well we will keep hoping for more. There is lots of rainy season ahead, however no rain for us for a week.

Looks like we will have a few days of warming weather with some cooling Wednesday, then a nice thanksgiving day here...

Friday into the weekend, some cooling, but no rain...

Have a great week


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Thank you for the kindness and personal interest you showed a couple of old folks that desperately needed good advice on our roof project.
Viola & Wayne Richardson