By Jack Martin on Oct 13, 2016 at 04:14 PM

Good Thursday morning,

Well as I have been telling you for 2 weeks now. The start of our rainy season is coming. So the forecast should be no surprise to all. Take a look at the satellite picture.


There are a series of 3 systems coming down from the Pacific Northwest. Northern California is going to get slammed with rain.

The first large system will affect Nor Cal tonight and drop south.As it is typical for this time of year, the rain will die as it approaches are area.The one change in the forecast is the national weather service now says the cut off of rain is Santa Barbara, instead of North County.

So what does that mean for us.... well at some point this weekend we will see some light rain. Friday through Sunday.Now don't get too excited. It will not amount to more than 1/4 of an inch in the 72 hour period.

The good news is it does look like we will see some. Most likely Sunday more than Friday. We are on the cut off of rain or no rain. Ventura south should see nothing.

"Good thing my daughter got married last weekend. What a difference a week makes."

Bottom line it will feel quite like fall and winter instead of the summer weather we had last week.

Temps will be well below normal, bringing wet and damp morning and very cool. Anyone going to outdoor football games should dress warm and bring an umbrella.

Rain chances end Monday  morning and will be over the mountains. Then Monday night and Tuesday lots of wind and a nice warm up, as high pressure builds in. Ok enjoy the change of season. We are all hoping for lots of rain this year.

      Enjoy, update Friday morning thumbs upRain

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