New Week's Weather

By Jack Martin on Sep 19, 2016 at 04:00 PM

First of all check out this picture. It is Hendry beach on Saturday night. (Thanks Vanessa what a great shot.)

Otherwise our weather this week is difficult to call for the first part. Models always have a hard time figuring out systems coming from the south. This is a tough forecast to start the week. It looks like the models are backing off on the rain chances, when yesterday they said they might need to bump them up. If you take a look at the satellite picture you can see the subtropical moisture getting pumped up from Mexico.

It actually looks pretty good on the picture, but the national weather service does no feel like there will be much in rain chances now. They have really backed down on this. Rain chances are greatest later in the day through Tuesday, but less than 20% according to them.

I think I will be conservative and see what happens between today and Tuesday.

By Wednesday we will have an inside slider come down from the north.This will bring some wind but no rain.

By Friday they are talking about a good Santa Anna wind event, so Ventura south will blow hard and Santa Barbara will get really hot.   

Enjoy the week, we will see if we can squeeze a little rain out of those clouds.

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