Remember Me?

By Jack Martin on Jul 21, 2016 at 06:20 PM

Good morning,

Just think of me like the school teachers. I get the summer off, just from weather reports. My paying job is year round.

Besides there is not much to report weather wise this time of year.

I wanted to let everyone know all is good and I hope everyone is having a good summer.

Since I am saying hello, we will include a quick weather report.

If you did not know it is summer... You will know it now though the weekend. It will be hot.... Upper 80s and 90s in Santa Barbara area. Beach weather..... They will be quite busy this weekend.

Looks like a sundowner wind event for Montecito on Friday night. Wind speeds to 60 miles an hour.

Other then that. Paulo and I will be riding this weekend. Early !!!


Enjoy the weekend. Fiesta is right around the corner...


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Okay techno-jack!! I will love to give y’alls a double thumbs up, or at least 10 gold stars. I was way impressed with Tony and his young sidekick. Maybe Thomas? They just changed the whole complexion of what we’re going to do. Making it work too! I’ve decided that the key to your enormous business success is your skill in hiring and picking business partners. In my experience, I can think of Sharon, Jeannie, Ricky, Doug, Kirk, Tony, Jorge, Octavio. And I haven’t even seen Beatriz or Ana yet. You continue to hit those line drives, even if your run to 1st base has slowed a bit. So fun for me to see!!
Joe Sevilla