Cooler Temps

By Jack Martin on Jun 22, 2016 at 03:45 PM


How sweet it is to live in Santa Barbara. Who needs A/C when we have what god gave us, "The 61 degree pacific ocean."

Yes, as all the inland areas baked last night, we in Santa Barbara saw the fog roll in at 5 PM. By 5:30 it was 72 degrees, while the valleys were still in the 90s. Our natural air conditioner kicked into high gear.

The good news is we will have cooling along the coast for the rest of the week. It will still be hot inland, but they will see a little relief.

Enjoy the cooler weather


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Thank you for the facia repairs and skylight cleaning. We hope all those termites and dry rot stay away from our new boards for a long time!
Joanie & Colin Jones