Rain or Not?

By Jack Martin on Apr 27, 2016 at 04:23 PM

Well good morning from weather central.

The weather system approaching is rolling down the interior of California today. This will bring cooler temps, lots of wind, and a slight possibility of rain. You can see the moisture starved system on the map below


This system is taking an inland track, which does not give much moisture support. The only rain that will squeeze out will be from colder air support. Inland areas have a better chance of rain or thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight.

For us in Santa Barbara, I doubt it. Maybe some build ups over the mountains. As far as winds go... Yes, they will be back again. Expect wind conditions to start back up later in the afternoon and pick up this evening... Northwest again..

Thursday will also be a windy day.

Friday into the weekend...Well they are changing the forecast for the weekend, it now looks like fog Saturday and another inside slider for Sunday into Monday morning.

This will just keep us cooler and there is not a big warming trend for the weekend.

     Ok that's it for the day. Maybe I will need a nap.

             Got up too early.....

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