Monday Forecast

By Jack Martin on Apr 04, 2016 at 05:56 PM

Good Monday,

Here we go... first week in April.  This week will be summer like for the first half of the week, then spring showers the second half of the week.

We will start out with 3 days of warm weather. Tuesday and Wednesday will be downright hot for this time of year. Expect temps in the 80s and even 90.

Thursday it all begins to change. There are 2 different low pressure systems that will affect us, one to the south coming up out of the Baja on Thursday and Friday, then another one coming down from the north.

The one to the south will be a cut-off low. We are really not sure where it will drift at this point. We will see how much rain we can get out of this one.

Saturday there is another low. This one moves north to south. Models have a better handle on this one, bringing us rain. We will get rain this week, it is just how much and where. Areas south of us LA and below will see rain from the Baja system. Just how far north it will come for us.

The weekend looks good for us, with at least some rain. Time will tell us the facts and rain totals...

Ok that's it for now... Have a great week 


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