Monday Weather Update

By Jack Martin on Mar 28, 2016 at 03:33 PM

Sadly we will have another week of dry weather. Looks like any chances of rain will result at best with drizzle.

As you can see below there is the weather system diving down the coast. It does flow over land resulting in cooler weather, drizzle and dry.It will however be much cooler with temps being 8 to 12 degrees below normal.,IR4.GIF.4.jpg,IR4.GIF.5.jpg,IR4.GIF.6.jpg,IR4.GIF.7.jpg,IR4.GIF.8.jpg

This system will also bring us wind. Typical for spring in California, these systems always produce wind for us. Expect some good wind tonight coming from the northwest. 30 to 40 mph gusts later tonight. These will not affect the Montecito area like last week’s winds. It is more towards the pass, Goleta and Jack's backyard. (No BBQ there tonight)

Tuesday thing calm and the rest of the week is just cooler and no real excitement.

Friday and Saturday will warm up some.

Sunday cools again.

No rain in site.... and it is April as of Friday.

Enjoy the week

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