Good Monday Morning

By Jack Martin on Mar 21, 2016 at 03:21 PM

Well, no good news and only 2 more weeks of March left.

March started well and then the second 2 weeks in the middle have been a complete bust for Southern California.

This dry weather will continue all this week, with only one weak system ahead.

Sunday brought Santa Barbara a day of fog. That was different as clearing did not happen until late in the day.

There is a weak system that went through last night. There were a few sprinkles to the north, but nothing more than that.Tonight there will be one more weak system. This system will bring slightly more rain, if you consider 1/10th” of rain. Rain will be cut off in the Santa Ynez valley. We might have drizzle at best in Santa Barbara.

Following this system we will see wind from the northwest, and then dry all week.This weekend should be nice weather for Easter Sunday.

All in All, Next week is the last week March. We better hope for rain to end the month, like it started.

The rains in the beginning of the month have brought spring flowers in the mountains.Check out the picture my daughter sent from Figueroa Mountain yesterday.The poppies are in full bloom!

               Have a great week!


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Thank you! The new downspouts have completely stopped the drumming of drips when it rains!
Sonja Nelson