Last day in Feb....Amen

By Jack Martin on Feb 29, 2016 at 04:02 PM

Good Monday morning,

It is going to be an amen Monday for a number of reasons.

  1. This is the last day in February, which only brought us 1/3 of an inch of rain for the entire month.
  2. There is a change coming this week, and it looks good for a wet pattern starting some time next weekend.

For now however, February will go out as it has all month. Setting records for the month and year.

The first 3 days this week will be sunny and hot as high pressure builds back in.

Thursday the first change will be felt, but not looking good for rain, unless you are in SLO area.

Saturday a wetter stronger system is expected to arrive, bringing in rain through some periods into Tuesday.

So that's the good news. We do truly need our March miracle... Let's hope it happen.

   Enjoy the great weather, because we are all hoping it goes away for a while,IR16.GIF.4.jpg,IR16.GIF.5.jpg,IR16.GIF.6.jpg,IR16.GIF.7.jpg,IR16.GIF.8.jpg

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