Mid Week Weather Update

By Jack Martin on Feb 10, 2016 at 08:22 AM

Happy Wednesday,

It will be the Last day of record heat. A matter of fact it should be 5 or so degrees cooler today. Tuesday we shattered the record high with 91 degrees...

Not sounding like a broken record.. We will continue to have temps 5 to 10 degrees above normal into next week.

There will be a cool down Thursday and Saturday. Dropping into the lower 70s, then temps rebound a little each day.

Next Wednesday 2 of the forecast models are still calling for rain, advertising a medium size storm. ( for what that is worth or means) Also a pattern change is still predicted for the end of the month. Leaving us some hope for rain and El Niño ....

We can only wish for another March miracle

Enjoy the summer weather in February high of 85 today

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Thank you so much for being there when we needed someone! You have no idea how much you helped us. We are extremely grateful. May your kindness come back to you ten-fold!