Happy Ground Hog Day

By Jack Martin on Feb 02, 2016 at 07:58 AM


Well, the ground hog did not see his shadow.  Spring is to start early, if you believe that crap. It certainly is not Spring around here. It is downright cold out there.

thermometer32 in the Santa Ynez Valley and 39 in SB... That's cold for us spoiled Californians.

Today is starting out cold, and then a short wave will come though this afternoon. You can see it on the satellite picture (that means clouds and a weak system)


This will only bring us some clouds, and then wind will be back late this afternoon and night.

The wind event will be nothing like winds on Sunday night, but you will know it is present.

Dry weather the rest of the week and weekend. Looks like another short wave Thursday, no rain.

Friday it warms up for a nice weekend in Southern California.hammock

Looks like the ridge will break down early next week bringing us a chance of rain Tuesday or so.

Ok dress warm today. It is cold out there



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Kimberly Rockwell