Good Wednesday morning

By Jack Martin on Dec 23, 2015 at 10:20 AM

Good Wednesday morning,windemoji

Wow, those winds lived up to there advertisement . Yesterday and over night they blew crazy. My back yard looks like a war zone. Stuff everywhere.

Well the winds will die down today, by noon. Still blowing pretty hard at 5:30 am

Today after the winds die , will be dry and sunny.

Thursday will start out dry, then late in the day another round of north rains and south winds will hit us.

Looks like we will get a little rain from this one, overnight Christmas eave.

However the north to south flow , will block or drop most of the rain to the north of the mountain range.

Looks like another wind event for Christmas Day. Not as crazy as the one we just had, but you will know it.

The cold low dropping from the gulf of alaska will make Friday over night quite cold.

Saturday and into the weekend a santa Anna wind event picks up.

Yes, lots of wind for Ventura south. Here is SB . Just a nice warm up.

You might even call it beach weather. Highs might get into the low 70s.

We will have a mix of summer and winter in California.


 If you are in the mountains you will find lots of snow and great winter weather.  At the beach, well how about 70ssunny

 Love California .We will have something  for all. Just a 6 hour drive away

 For the start of the last week in 2015, it will be dry though at least Tuesday.


                         More to come, 2 days till Christmas !!!!


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