Chilly Weather

By Jack Martin on Dec 15, 2015 at 07:29 AM

Good morning all,

The word of the next few days is “cold”.

Tonight will be the coldest night so far this year, with frost warnings all the way to the coastal areas.All valleys and mountain areas will be well below freezing overnight.

Wednesday will be pretty much a repeat of today, with maybe a degree or 2 warmer.By Friday a short warming trend starts, expect the warmest days of the week to be in the upper 60s.

Saturday night through Monday we will see 2 lows move through. At one point Sunday's low was going to cut-off and spin over us. This is a great formula for rain and heavy rain for us; however models have turned the other way at this point. Now the forecast is showing 2 more systems like last Sunday.

We will see how it all plays out for the late weekend.

In the meantime…Cold and LOTS of frost on those ROOFs.

Be careful and dress in many layers. It will start and end cold every day.

**REMEMBER all the way back to summer when we were looking forward to some cooler weather!!!! That seems like a long time ago now. No A/C needed now.**

                                            Have a great day,IR16.GIF.4.jpg,IR16.GIF.5.jpg,IR16.GIF.6.jpg,IR16.GIF.7.jpg,IR16.GIF.8.jpg



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Your crew and the entire staff of Action are great! Thanks so much for helping us out.
Gerry & Ann