Tuesday November 17th

By Jack Martin on Nov 17, 2015 at 08:35 AM

Good Morning!

Not as cold as it has been, but you can tell the seasons are changing. With shorter days and colder nights, winter is right around the corner.

The good news is winter weather will hold off for at least this week. It looks like dry weather into early next week.


It is going to warm up nicely during the day, getting us into the 70s and even close to 80 at times. This warm up is thanks to a Santa Anna wind event.

Winds will pick up today for our friends to the south of us. We will welcome some relief from the winds the past few days.


Stuff was blowing everywhere.

Ok get out there and enjoy the week, as always they fly by too fast. Can you say thanksgiving and Christmas. They will be here before you know it.

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Thanks for the expertise, good job, right price, great attitude, and timing!
David Eldred