Chilly Weather

By Jack Martin on Nov 03, 2015 at 08:35 AM

Good cold Tuesday morning,

Yes it is quite chilly out there; 50s in SB and 40s in the valleys. You will need a jacket to start the day. A matter of fact cool day today, overall.

Take a look at the rain totals

Yes, we were unfortunately robbed in Santa Barbara and south of the area.The good news is there were some reasonable total from the Santa Ynez Valley and north. Cachuma got .41in and some areas further north got almost an inch.

The problem for us is this was a northwesterly storm system. Kind of opposite results from a southerly rotation system. When winds come from the south east it squeezes out all the rain over our side of the mountains, well the opposite occurred for us yesterday. I knew we were in trouble when the northwest winds came up around 1 pm.

 The wind however did not let us down. It blew hard last night, and it was a cold wind....Still blowing out there right now with 15 mile an hour winds from the northwest.

We still have a slight chance of showers out there most of the day. This is thanks to the cold air overhead. You will see the white puffy cloud floating around and over some mountain. If it does rain, it will be brief and light.

Starting Wednesday into the rest of the week we will see a slight warm up, but temps still remaining a few degrees below normal for this time of year.

Next week there is a hint of a system coming down from the north for Monday, but it is still way too far out to make a call on..


Ok enjoy the day, pack a jacket or sweatshirt. It is chilly and windy out there


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