Monday Rain

By Jack Martin on Nov 02, 2015 at 08:59 AM

Good Monday Morning,

Rain is the word of the day. This system is a few hours behind schedule, but who is not at times.

It’s currently raining in Monterey and rain will arrive here around 10 AM. So everyone will have a few hours of day light to prepare.

Timing wise, classic Halloween storm, it seems every year we get a system right around Halloween. This will bring us around 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch of rain.

It will only be a 4 to 6 hours period of steady light rain. Then if you look at the satellite picture you will see the white puffy clouds behind the front. That will be the showers, and cold air coming in.,IR4.GIF.4.jpg,IR4.GIF.5.jpg,IR4.GIF.6.jpg,IR4.GIF.7.jpg,IR4.GIF.8.jpg

Cold it will be for some, 40s tonight in the valleys and 50s along the coast.

Then the wind starts. We will have a strong wind event tonight. From the northwest - west (put those umbrellas down)

Tuesday still has a chance of showers over the mountains, but for the most part it will be over.

The cold air will squeeze anything out of those clouds it can.

Wednesday, back to warmer weather and off shore flow for the rest of the week.

     Well that's it for now.

 Enjoy our little rain... It is always nice to see it fall out of our skies... 

Rain emoji

(Always happy to break this guy out)

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