Monday Weather

By Jack Martin on Oct 26, 2015 at 09:12 AM

Starting out the early Monday with Moon light.

Yes, looking like a full moon out there while pearl was having breakfast.  

High tides today will bring the ocean water close a ways up our Sandy beaches.

As far as the rest of the weather.

We will have quite a mixed bag this week.  Today will be quite warm, especially in the valleys. High around 90. Here another nice day, around 80.

There is a low in the Gulf of Alaska that looks pretty impressive, coming our way .Tuesday night through Thursdays morning.,IR16.GIF.4.jpg,IR16.GIF.5.jpg,IR16.GIF.6.jpg,IR16.GIF.7.jpg,IR16.GIF.8.jpg

Models have struggled with this, flopped back and forth on the rain idea. Right now they have flopped back to the drier side, but we should see some sprinkles or showers Tuesday night through Thursday morning. 

We will continue to watch this system.

All northern areas will see rain this week.

Looks like we might warm up again at the end of the week.

Great weather for Halloween.

Ok enjoy the week

Updates on rain chances Tuesday morning

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