Good Thursday Morning

By Jack Martin on Oct 15, 2015 at 09:01 AM

Good Thursday Morning,

How much fun was that last night?! Lightning, thunder and pouring rain.

That's what make living here so much more fun, compared to rain in Seattle.

The subtropical low is still to the south of us off shore. It will move right over southern CA this afternoon. Heavy rain is occurring in the desserts right now, some light stuff in SY valley and SLO.,IR4.GIF.4.jpg,IR4.GIF.5.jpg,IR4.GIF.6.jpg,IR4.GIF.7.jpg,IR4.GIF.8.JPG,EYX_6.png,EYX_5.png,EYX_4.png,EYX_3.png,EYX_2.png,EYX_1.png,EYX_0.png

Rain chances will continue all day, just as we saw on Wednesday.  Today will remain a little cooler then yesterday. Still lots of humidity, but cooler temps.

The rain today will be again very spotty. Some areas will see more or less rain than others.

Today’s heat and unstable air mass, means thundershowers are possible any time today and this evening.

After today the low will move east and rain as well. Only some mountain clouds and maybe a few showers Friday. None for us…

Now the weekend..

Saturday and part of Sunday will be great, cooler and no humidity.

There was a chance of rain for later Sunday into Monday, with a system coming from the north. This now appears to be going inland and will not produce rain for us.

It will be much cooler and I expect some wind with the inside slider.

Next week is looking high and dry at this point. So we should be good for all outside activities... The best news is we will get a break from the heat.

This has been a crazy summer with weather. I heard one person call it global warming...  "Wrong" .... It is El Niño .....

           The crazy is going to remain though the rainy season. Wait until the real rains arrive..... I am not looking forward to that......

                                  Have a great day.

See you at SBCA mixer at 4:30 pm tonight. I will keep the rain away. Then off to Jimmy Buffet tonight at the bowl.

                   That is going to be a fun show in this tropical weather. “bring you umbrella just in case"

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