Upcoming Rain

By Jack Martin on Oct 14, 2015 at 08:18 AM

Ok, well it is looking like the low is now moving over us. This will spread rain into the area today. Rain chances are best in Santa Barbara, because of the southerly rotation of the system and our mountain range. The mountains will squeeze the rain out of the clouds. I do expect rain today, starting somewhere around lunch.

You will see mainly thunderstorms and build ups over the mountain, and then the rain will spread into the coastal areas. Rain totals, while still tough to call, Santa Barbara should see the most today. It’s looking like around 1/3 of an inch. Where the thunderstorms occur we will get up to an inch.

Water values are quite high, so where it does rain it will pour. Showers will be on and off today. Not constant rain.

The low will be right over us into and through Thursday. This will create more rain possibilities through Thursday, and then clear out on Friday.Dry Friday and Saturday.

Another weather system to the north will bring rain chances for Sunday.

We will not focus on Sunday's system at this point, only today's.

You can see this on the satellite below


The tropical low has kept us hot and muggy. Clouds will keep temps down some today, but humid weather continues.

Ok get out there and play it safe. For those who use umbrellas, bring it with you today and Thursday.



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