Thursday Update

By Jack Martin on Aug 20, 2015 at 09:41 AM

Good morning,

Where have those weeks gone? Good news is we are close to another weekend.

Weather, well not very exciting out there. Calm weather with no real excitement for our neck of the woods.

As you can see on the satellite picture, everything is calm around here,IR16.GIF.4.jpg,IR16.GIF.5.jpg,IR16.GIF.6.jpg,IR16.GIF.7.jpg,IR16.GIF.8.jpg

Monsoonal moisture is staying to the south and hammering inland areas of Mexico.

For us, the sundowner winds last night will keep us clear this morning. Everywhere else you are waking to around 1500 feet of fog.

All fog will melt by noon today. This will help bring us a cooler day with temps slightly below normal.

Friday and the weekend a weak ridge builds in. Friday we all should see some fog with the marine layer getting smaller Saturday.

            All in all just a nice forecast ahead, with no real excitement. You will need to go somewhere else for excitement…

Have a great day!

- Jack Martin

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