Happy Hump Day

By Action Roofing on Jul 29, 2015 at 08:10 AM

Good hump day,

Midweek and weather is changing for the rest of the week. Take a look at the satellite picture below. You will see the subtropical moisture drawing into the southwestern states.


High pressure over New Mexico is drawing up all the monsoonal moisture from Mexico. This is going to start effecting us later this afternoon.

The effect will begin with warmer temps and humidity .

As far a rain goes, it might get into the Southern California areas today, but not likely to get this far north .

The best shot for us is Thursday afternoon and Friday .

These are going to be in the form of thunderstorms that would pop up over the mountains.

Anyway you look at it the chances are still only 20% or less.

100% it will be hot and muggy.

So stay cool and hydrated.

        More to come soon, have a great day!

- Jack 




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