By jack martin on Jun 25, 2024 at 10:19 PM

Happy Monday, 

If you’re not in Santa Barbara then you don’t know , but summer has arrived. 

The fog and cooler weather of the past few months seem to have melted away. 

This is the time of the year that real estate folks talk about... Location, location, location…. 

Well summer along the coast is way different then just 30 mile east. The Santa Ynez Valley is in the mid 90s and Santa Barbara around 80 and that’s quite hot for along the coast. Further inland triple digits and lows will be what our highs are. I think Vegas is 109 to 115 today, there lows overnight will be above 80 degrees. 

A matter of fact it seems the entire United States is quite hot, here is SB …. 80 is perfect …. Love that body of water we call the Pacific Ocean 

Not much changes throughout the week. Mid 70s to 80 along the coast.
Mid 90s in local valleys.
And inland valleys crazy hot 100 plus.

Maybe a little fog at the coast mid week on, but overall the warm weather continues. 

This is when real estate is at it prime along the coast …. 

Enjoy summer, I told you it was coming.
Oh lastly, the tropical weather will not cause rain, just makes it more humid out there.

A little blast of subtropical moisture from Mexico should drift past today. It does make for pretty sunrises and sunsets.

Jack Martin

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