By jack martin on Apr 23, 2024 at 10:16 PM

Good Saturday morning , 

Sorry about the lack of weather reports this week, I was busy each morning and there was not a lot to report. All is fine on my front and sorry about the absence during your morning cup of coffee , tea or whatever you drink while reading my report . 
I also noticed that dave dumve was on vacation this week from KSYV who also does a great weather report, I was not on vacation, but my full time job kept me busy. 
As far as our weather goes, we are in a very typical spring and early summer pattern .
Where the valleys have not really heated up that much, the coastal areas are seeing typical foggy conditions that , we expect on and off though June and into early to mid July . 
The marine layer is thick and Friday it hung around the coast the entire day . This morning it is 2500 feet thick and extends into the santa Ynez valley . 
High pressure will build in today and through Sunday with earlier clearing along the coast . The valleys will be warmer with upper 70s and some 80s . Still cool for late April .
Along the coast the sun should show up today, but the marine layer will likely hang around till early afternoon . Where yesterday was very chilly we should approach the low 70s today, along the coast with Sunday more clearing and warmer .
Monday high pressure breaks down then throughout the week we see a series of low pressure system bringing back the thicker marine layer . Regarding the 4 letter word we have learn to hate this year “ RAIN “ I really do not think we will see much if any it will be in the form of drizzle or possibly light rain later in the week . 
Time will tell , but there is an inside slider that generally does not bring us rain only wind. There is also a possibility of a cut off low that could form and create light rain. More likely over mountains and LA at this point . Not to worry, I will keep us updated early next week as we get close . 
Next weekend is looking to be good with high pressure building back in … 
Since it is Saturday and I don’t have a lot of employees to worry about so  let’s have some fun with facts and our weather . 
This years rainfall has exceeded last year in most location . However it is not a record. The only record is likely for 2 year rain totals that far exceeded normal totals for the past 2 years . 
Here is where we are at with rainfall locally . An average of 50% more rain the normal across the county and Santa Barbara 75% more rain the normal 
All lakes are full in the area https://files.countyofsb.org/pwd/hydrology/Rainfall%20Reports/rainfallreport.pdf
To the north in Monterey county , really the same results . Naciemento is full and for lots of boat lovers maybe to full because parking is extremely limited 
Sunrise is 621 am and sunset 735 pm . Doing quick math we are 11hours and 14 minutes , with day light extending 30 to 40 minutes more . 
Tide schedule high tide today 8:35 am today 4.22 and low tide a fairly low 0.54 at 2:36 pm which can make a nice beach walk . With hopefully some sun shine 
The ocean temp is a chilly 57.7 degrees . Wet suits are needed 
Surf !!! sleep in , if that’s what your after it is pretty flat at 1 to 2 feet . Leadbetter is worse at 0 to 1 foot . Again a nice walk on the beach weather . 
Ok I tried to make up for the lack of reporting this week . Enjoy the weekend , it will be way nicer in santa Ynez valley this weekend , maybe a good time to go wine tasting at sunstone 😄 it is still pretty foggy here … 

Regardless, have a great weekend 
Jack Martin 

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Okay techno-jack!! I will love to give y’alls a double thumbs up, or at least 10 gold stars. I was way impressed with Tony and his young sidekick. Maybe Thomas? They just changed the whole complexion of what we’re going to do. Making it work too! I’ve decided that the key to your enormous business success is your skill in hiring and picking business partners. In my experience, I can think of Sharon, Jeannie, Ricky, Doug, Kirk, Tony, Jorge, Octavio. And I haven’t even seen Beatriz or Ana yet. You continue to hit those line drives, even if your run to 1st base has slowed a bit. So fun for me to see!!
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