By Jack Martin on Mar 27, 2024 at 06:27 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

It should be a nice day, and the warmest until next Tuesday. Highs will be in the mid to upper 60s today.

However, there is going to be a lot happening between today and Tuesday of next week.

Tonight a weak wave will flow through, this will bring some light rain to SLO, a 1/4 inch or less.

Rain may fall as far south as Santa Ynez, but it is more likely that south of SLO will just see low clouds and possible fog or drizzle.


Here is how it looks from the sky; you can see the first wave and the parent low to in Canada.

Friday the low moves closer to us and rain will start up Friday day in SLO. As we get into the afternoon rain chances increase south and we will see rain late afternoon in SB.

Rain Friday night and Saturday will be heavier with south flow. This will have a greater impact on south-facing mountains and Santa Barbara through Saturday and showers are possible on Sunday. The parent low will cut off and park over us through Saturday pumping in rain. This will be a good system, especially for this time of year.

Rain totals 1 to 3 inches and 3 to 6 inches on south-facing Hills. Locally in SB we are looking to receive in the 2.5 inches of rain range, Santa Ynez 2 inches.

The hills of SB 4 inches are likely or more possible. Rain will fade to showers on Sunday, and we clear out and dry weather is expected next week.

It looks like we will see dry warm weather Tuesday on, with a longer dry period.

The Friday System will be a classic cut-off low with south winds. These systems always affect Santa Barbara with greater rainfall.

It looks like Easter Sunday will be mostly dry with some showers, but Saturday and Easter egg hunts will be rained out, at least outdoors.

Enjoy the nice weather today because it will not be this nice until next Tuesday.

Edhat had this today and it is pretty accurate, except for the Monday rain, the rain will be showery at best on Sunday. Friday night and all of Saturday will be wet. These are pretty good graphics.

https://www.edhat.com/news/heavy-rainfall-expected-to-arrive-on-friday-evening/   Thanks Adam for the link

FYI if you have sliding hill issues from this winter’s rains, I suggest covering them for this next rain system.  

Jack Martin

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I wanted to thank you and the crew for the beautiful job. The quality of the work that was performed was outstanding and I am very pleased with the new roof.
Carolyn Hirsig