By jack martin on Mar 04, 2024 at 06:58 PM

Today will be a nice overall day, but some showers are still in the forecast. https://zoom.earth/ 

The low-pressure system to the north is still pumping moisture into the entire west coast.

The snow level s at 4000 feet and more snow is likely, just look at the poor eagle at big bear in the snow, through the wind and cold, protecting its eggs right now 

Today will be cool, windy this afternoon in areas and snow on some Santa Ynez mountains tops 4000 feet and above.

You will see much more sunshine today then rain. On Monday the system moves East and northwest winds will blow in Santa Barbara.

Overall 2 days of sunshine Monday and Tuesday, with some high clouds Tuesday, before the next system arrives on Wednesday.

Yes, more rain is in the forecast for Wednesday. It looks like ½ to 1 inch of rain will fall Wednesday into Wednesday night.

Thursday, we clear up and sunshine returns will a gradual warm up into the weekend.

Today might be a great day for a drive to Santa Ynez. It will be picture perfect over the Pass with some snow on the Santa Ynez mountain above 4000 feet.

Regardless of what you do today the views out there will be fantastic. I just love the skies after a good rain.

Have a great Sunday.   

Jack Martin

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