By jack martin on Feb 29, 2024 at 07:38 PM

Good Thursday morning, 

The excitement of the day is it is a leap year. All baby’s born today will have a true birthday every 4 years. I am sure we will hear about this on the news tonight.

Today as you can see, it is all about fog and low clouds. Some drizzle in areas, but damp for all. 

Today a much cooler day with marine layer at 3000 feet. It will be dry today, but light rain for some tonight.

Friday morning, rain to the north and drizzle here. Rain will move in Friday late morning to early afternoon here. This is not a big rain makers. To start 1/10 to 1/4 inches through Friday. Friday night and Saturday more rain, but spotty. It will also be windy at times.

This is a cold storm with snow levels Friday night at 5000 feet lowering to 4000 feet Saturday. This may affect the grapevine I-5 traffic.

Rain will be moderate and showery Saturday with the greatest totals in SLO with up to an inch of rain. In Santa Barbara .5 to 1 inch in total is likely. Some foothills and mountains 1 to 2 inches. 

Rain will be over Sunday morning, with windy and cold conditions. 

Drier weather into Tuesday now, then rain chances come back Tuesday night into Wednesday. The next system looks to affect northern areas more than us on Wednesday. 

In the meantime, more rain starting Friday and Saturday. But it will not be like other systems. There is no subtropical support with this one only cold air. This will produce winds and mountain snows. 

For the weekend you will not be working on your sun tan. It might be a good weekend to clean your garage or closet 🤔🤣. 
Regardless, we take what we get, March the first is Friday and daylight savings starts in 10 days 👍👍

Jack Martin

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