By jack martin on Feb 24, 2024 at 12:33 AM

Good Friday morning,

Warming trend today through the weekend is the focus of the forecast.

Highs will be In low 70s for most coastal and valley location with some high clouds streaming over us today. Overall we will see a great weekend. 

As you can see on the zoom satellite a low pressure system is out in the pacific 1000 miles west of SF. This will do nothing until Sunday evening, then it will move towards us. This appears to be  weakening, rainfall Monday will likely be less and in the 1/10 to 1/2 range and it should be over by dawn Tuesday. This will not produce a lot of rain and that’s great news. We have more than a years worth as it is, and we still have 6 months left on our rain season.

With all the rain of late, we have not talked much about the day light. It is staying light now into the 6 pm hour and starting to bring daylight in the 6am hour. In late March we will see 12 hour days of daylight again and better yet, daylight savings returns on March 10th, just a few more weekends away 👏 .

Sunrise is now 6:35 am and sunset 5:49pm.

The equinox is March 19th and summer solstice June 20th. 
Yes it is coming fast, and it can not be soon enough. I am ready for sunny days and warmth again, I am over the winter weather.
Lake Naciemento is at 85% now and all the other reservoirs 100%. T

The Santa Ynez river is a waterway, flowing heavy from the mountains and the dam releasing water. It is a site to see. 

Santa Barbara has 198% of normal rainfall for the year and 136% above normal for the entire year and it is still February. Now that’s crazy …. 

Enjoy the sunshine, I am going to Santa Ynez for the weekend and look at all the green hills and see the river flowing strong and maybe go to Sunstone for a little wine in the sunshine Saturday afternoon 😁
Enjoy your weekend, I will send some photos from the valley 👍

Jack Martin

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