By Jack Martin on Feb 06, 2024 at 06:19 PM

Good Monday morning,

What a crazy Sunday, just wild weather after a slower start to the storm. As everyone is aware it was wild around 1pm and the winds and rains were just nuts.

Trees were dropping from the winds all over town, and the flooding was just nuts. I have lots of videos I made in my adventures. I am glad I drive a 4-wheel drive truck.

I was out in the craziness doing what we could to protect homes from water leaking in. I compare days like Sunday to, you turned your home on its side and the rain would flow into it. The wind gusts were 60 miles an hour from the southeast and rain rates were ½ to 1 inch per hour. The freeways did as good as they could. The airport did close from the craziness and flooded runways.  

All in all we held up pretty good at creeks and rivers, it was crazy, and water piled up in the flood areas downtown. All the water made small lakes around Salsupudas.

(do you know what that means in Spanish “get out if you can “) it was indeed crazy down there, the area around my office was filed with water for the entire block of Cota and Salsupudas. At least my office was 6 inches above the water line. https://zoom.earth/maps/satellite/#view=42.5,-99.9,4z/date=2024-02-05,03:40,-8

Today all the rain has shifted into LA area with lots of rain falling there. For us we will see a mostly dry day with just a few showers possible, and with rain returning tonight as the front passes through.

We have received incredible amounts of rain in a short period of time. Most of us saw 4 inches in a 12-hour period and San Marcos pass over 5 inches. storm totals for the past week are just crazy numbers, with well over 10 inches to 15 inches so far. https://www.weather.gov/lox/LAXRRMSBA

As mentioned earlier today mostly dry with all the rain in the LA south areas where they will see a few inches of rain https://radar.weather.gov/station/KVTX/standard

Rain will return tonight for us as the front and unstable air passes through. Snow levels will drop to 6000 feet then to 5000 feet Tuesday.

Rain ends Tuesday and we begin the dry out period. The extended forecast is still not real clear, with a chance of rain later in the week, but it should be on the lighter side.

More on that to come on Tuesday’s forecast.

As we all know the ground is saturated and all the lakes are now going to be full. I am good with rain now, please bring on summer ☹

Ok off to the office and mop up the fun from yesterday.

Jack Martin

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Thanks for the nice job you did on my house. My tenant appreciated how considerate and efficient your team was and commented on the excellent job they did. My husband and I went up to inspect the job yesterday, and we were very pleased.
Ann Schied