By jack martin on Jan 26, 2024 at 08:54 PM

Good Friday morning,

The weekend is almost here and it is going to be a really nice warm one https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-119.6897277496755&lat=34.42976536745786

Highs today 71 in Santa Barbara, 75 Saturday and warmer Sunday. Just great weather for the weekend.

Monday and Tuesday high pressure continues and warmer temps. Tuesday the ridge breaks down.

Wednesday low pressure rolls towards us with chances of rain stating in the afternoon.

Wednesday night and Thursday rain is expected moderate to heavy at times, but still too far out to have a good handle on this.

This weekend high surf and the Rincon classic. The weather will be as good as it gets for this surf competition.

Enjoy the weekend regardless of what you’re doing,  it will be a great weekend to get outside and call family around the country where it is bitter cold.

Jack Martin

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Thank you for the good work. Let’s pray for rain so we can see that it works!
Adrianne Davis