By jack martin on Jan 18, 2024 at 06:57 PM

Good Thursday morning, 

As always another week flying by. It’s crazy to think back when I was young. Days seemed to last forever and those car rides were a lifetime, even if it was 2 hours in time🤔. 

Today we are looking at a nice day with lows only in the 40s with some low 50s to start the day. Highs will range from the lower 60s to upper 60s. 

This is thanks to high pressure allowing all clouds to rise up and over us.

Friday the ridge moves east and the first low pressure system approaches with rain. 

This will arrive Friday afternoon with high clouds, but rain will not start until Friday night.

Friday night into Saturday we will see rain, but lighter. Rain will be on and off with only 1/4 to 1/2 inch through the period.

Saturday night and Sunday Day will be cloudy, but dry for the most part.

Sunday night and most of Monday is when the stronger system arrives. This will be a good rain maker, but snow levels will remain at around 7000 feet. Resorts will see snow, but none locally. Rain will be 1 to 2 inches coastal 2 to 4 in the mountains with south facing mountains getting the most because of the counterclockwise rotation and subtropical moisture. Rain rates should stay under 1/2 inch per hour, so downtown flooding is not a factor. 

Enjoy the fun, it is the rainy season. The good news is Tuesday through the rest of next week will be dry again. I love California weather. When it rains it really does. I will take this over Seattle drizzle 250 days a year, or at least it seems like that. 

Jack Martin

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