By jack martin on Jan 15, 2024 at 04:40 PM

Good Sunday morning, 

Winter is crazy right now around the country, while it seems cold here, that is not the case. Just watching football yesterday showed you how cold it was elsewhere. The chiefs game started at 0 degrees and ended with negative 8 and wind chill of 38 below. Now that is freezing cold.
For us spoiled and over taxed folks in Southern California, 30s for a low and mid 60s for highs looks pretty sweet compared to the rest of the country.

This next work week’s weather is looking just fine. Lots of sun, no rain, cold mornings, warm days in the sun and some wind at times through Friday.

Now we will talk about the change. It does look like we will be getting into a wet pattern starting as soon as next Saturday. We will get back into a wet pattern for likely at least a week. Our Rainy seasons seem to roll with very wet weather for a few weeks followed by dry for another week or so. Starting next Saturday it looks like a wet rainy pattern will develop. We are in the 2 wettest months in our season for rain. January and February are typically very wet. 

We are in El Niño if you have forgotten due to the dry weather. This season is still on track to be as wet or wetter than last season. 

Get anything wrapped up that requires dryness because the wet weather is going to return quickly. 

Enjoy 6 More days of dry, next weekend will change. 

Have a great Sunday 

Jack Martin

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