By jack martin on Jan 03, 2024 at 04:25 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

Over night we had rain. We received anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 of an inch. 
Not a huge rain maker, but today will be about the cold air, wind and showers.

Satellite shows the front has moved into LA but the cold air is just arriving. If you look at the little dots out in the pacific that’s the cold air and showers. 

Not a lot more rain today, but some showers are likely. These will be in the form of snow above 4500 feet and showers below. These clouds will not hold much moisture because of the cold air. Expect shower chances through 10pm tonight.

Thursday and Friday will be dry and colder. Highs will barely make 60.

Saturday the next system moves in Saturday night. This is looking like it will be further inland so rainfall will likely be light if any, but don’t bet the house at this point, just stay tuned. 

Enjoy the winter day and high surf. Thursday morning it will appear you can reach out and touch the islands because of the crystal clear skies from this wind and rain affect.

Jack Martin

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Thank you for the kindness and personal interest you showed a couple of old folks that desperately needed good advice on our roof project.
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