By jack martin on Dec 05, 2023 at 04:55 PM

Happy Monday the 4th of December. 21 days till Christmas.

A lack of weather reports the last few days, because there is really nothing to report.

The only excitement on the west coast is in the Pacific northwest where they are getting buckets of rain right now. https://zoom.earth/

Here in paradise, it is winter and cooler, but hot for many in areas outside of California.

Tuesday some wind of 40 miles an hour in Santa Ana country. Here in SB calm and warm

It looks like we will be dry for the next 2 weeks will on and off,  offshore winds and temps the next 2 days well above normal.

Highs in the mid-70s to low 80s in some locations. Lows at night are quite warm for this time of year. 40s in the valleys and 50s coastal.

Wednesday, we switch to on shore and a slight chance for rain in SLO county, but non here. Maybe some winds

Cooler days through Friday then another round of offshore and Santa Ana winds. It now looks like the same pattern continues through next week.

Dry conditions for the next 2 weeks, snow in mountains will not be like it has been the past 2 years.

Jack Martin

We are starting out with less excitement and weather so far. All good in my eyes, no rain is a good thing and we have plenty of water in those lakes.

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Thank you! The new downspouts have completely stopped the drumming of drips when it rains!
Sonja Nelson