11/6/23 Afternoon Update

By jack martin on Nov 07, 2023 at 04:58 PM

Afternoon forecast today,

Nothing has really changed in our forecast since Sunday’s report. A low pressure system is passing through the central coast.


This will bring some light rain maybe to the central coast, and wind everywhere else. The next few days is really about northwest winds followed by northeast winds Wednesday and Thursday. There will be some really chilly nights those days also.

Nothing exciting all week long, just highs in the low 70s and chilly nights.

Looking into the 10-day forecast next Tuesday through Friday. It does appear we might see our first real rain for the season. (FYI the rain season started oct 1st to sept 30th)

It looks like the target day is going to be Wednesday, but lots can happen in the 7 to 9 days .

As always stay tuned. 😊

Jack Martin

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