By jack martin on Nov 03, 2023 at 05:30 PM

Good Friday morning, 

Another crazy work week nearing the end. The weekend is upon us and we have a time change this weekend. We will lose an hour of daylight in the evening, but gain it in the mornings. This will help the kids that go to school earlier since daylight is not till after 7am right now.  As My 3 year old grand daughter says “The sky is not blue yet so it is not time to wake up” Well it will be blue Sunday morning when she opens her eyes ... Kids say the funniest things 😂

With our weather, we are enjoying just fantastic summer like daytime temps, but chilly overnight temps, especially in the valleys. 

It looks like today will be the last day of off shore winds and Saturday we should see some morning dampness return and onshore flow. 
The storm track is well to the north in the Pacific Northwest but will sag some into early next week. 

The only result of this will mean pressure gradience and north to northwest winds for us Sunday and into next week. 

Temps will easy back some with mid to upper 70s coastal and low 80s in the valleys. 

Chilly nights to continue for many moons ahead. 

Later next week, it looks like another Santa Ana event and off shore winds again.
“It is that time of year"  No rain in site... 
Enjoy the weekend, Saturday night you get an extra 1 hour of sleep, and you might wake to blue skies instead of darkness. 

Jack Martin

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Thank you for your quality workmanship. I truly appreciated the courtesy of your workers and their speediness. The section that needed repairs looks great!
Father Simon & Stephanie Thomas