By jack martin on Oct 30, 2023 at 04:27 PM

Good Monday morning,

It is a chilly morning if you are waking up Santa Ynez with a 36-degree start. Here is SB 47 degrees.


As mentioned Saturday, this week is all about Santa Ana winds, cold nights and warm days.

All week we will see on and off,  offshore flow dry air with daytime highs in the upper 70s to mid-80s in the valleys.

Tuesday is Halloween, and it will be a great day. It will stay warm for the kids trick and treating until after 8pm when they will go to bed. Then cold again Wednesday morning.

Overall this entire week will be dry, and warm days, with chilly nights. Enjoy the clear skies and great weather with no rain in site this week at least.

Saturday night did you feel the thumps in the sky at 2 am? It woke me up and sounded like booms in the distance, but it was only Vandenburg launch at 2 am.

Have a great week,

Jack Martin

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