By jack martin on Aug 31, 2023 at 04:49 PM

Good Thursday morning, 

The last day of August, and it has been an interesting record breaking month with 2 storms. 

Starting today we will see quite a cool down as low pressure from the north is moving into our forecast area. In the LA area, a coastal eddy has spun up creating a deeper marine later there. Visibility is 1/4 a mile which will mess with some airports.
For us we are still fairly clear at this moment, but expect fog to move in this morning. 

Today it will be quite a bit cooler with coastal highs in the 70s and valleys in the lower 80s. 

Friday and Saturday does get interesting as the marine layer takes over thanks to the low pressure system moving over us. It is early in the season to see a weather system from the north pass through. Nor Cal will actually see rain in the Bay areas. For us it is looking like drizzle both Friday and Saturday possibly into Sunday. still much cooler until the labor day itself. Monday we will warm up slightly and though next week as high pressure take over again. 

It has been a very interesting 2023 with weather and it does not seem to be changing into September. It looks like we will see a chance for measurable rain up to 1/4 of an inch at 20% over the weekend. If we call this weekend, the last weekend of summer... It will not be very summer like in Santa Barbara, but the good news is summer really lasts through October in Southern California. 

Enjoy the cooler weather this weekend, you won’t be working on your sun tan along the coast. 

It really is not a change in seasons yet, but has everyone noticed the surge of COVID it is crazy out there right now! I know 5 people that have come down with it in the past 2 weeks. Good thing my only plans are work and not being around crowds. 

Word of caution, have a good holiday weekend if traveling elsewhere.

Have a great weekend 

Jack Martin

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