By jack martin on Aug 29, 2023 at 04:08 PM

Good Tuesday morning, 

It was a hot evening last night. I had to stay inside where the AC was on!

Today, another round of hot for all. Even along the coast, where upper 80s again will prevail. Inland plus 10 degrees, basically hot everywhere. 

It looks like some relief is in site, Wednesday will only drop a few degrees. 

Thursday will feel the real cooling, through the entire weekend. Onshore flow will return with fog and highs in the 70s along the coast. Inland will also cool off quite a bit. 
I love 70s...
All eyes are on the the east coast as a hurricane will make the Tampa area on Wednesday with a cat 3 storm in the gulf then cross the state of Florida back into the Atlantic Ocean. This will be the first real storm to affect the East coast this year however there is lots of Action in the warm waters, so expect more excitement in the next few months 

On the west coast, where tropical storms occur we are quiet right now. 
Our forecast locally in a nutshell:
Today hot. Tonight real warm, some sundowner winds.
Wednesday still warm, but cooling a few more degrees.

Thursday the cooling trend begins. 

Friday though the holiday weekend perfect low 70s and morning fog. 

Bring lots of water today!

Jack Martin

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