By jack martin on Aug 23, 2023 at 04:29 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

Not much to say about the weather the rest of the week, but I thought I would share the record rainfall for August breaking all records since we started tracking them:

DTLA: Aug 2023=2.99in ; Old record=2.26in
LAX: Aug 2023=2.55in ; Old record=2.47in
Long Beach Airport: Aug 2023=2.63in ; Old record=2.03in
UCLA: Aug 2023=4.74in ; Old record=3.23in
Burbank Airport: Aug 2023=3.56in ; Old record=2.97in
Woodland Hills: Aug 2023=4.65in ; Old record=2.49in
Camarillo Airport: Aug 2023=2.59in ; Old record=1.04in
Oxnard: Aug 2023=1.77in ; Old record=1.04in

Have a great rest of the week, 
Jack Martin

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