By jack martin on Aug 16, 2023 at 02:27 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

Another week flying by. 

Today will be the last really hot day for the interior and valleys. 

Highs in woodland hill and those valleys will be over 100 with 108 possible.
In contrast it is foggy along the coast with highs in the low 80s. 
Starting out a nice 57 degrees, love that cold Pacific Ocean. Actually the sea temp was 68 degrees yesterday, which is extremely warm for our area. 

Some subtropical moisture is drifting up from the south, this is affecting only LA and southern deserts. 20% chance for today 

Thursday and Friday, the south flow is blocked and cooling in the interiors is expected. 

Not much excitement through Saturday. 

Then it becomes interesting 🤔, All eyes turn to Hilary which will become a tropical storm today. This is well south of the area near Acapulco  now, but will move north into the Baja for the weekend. This will allow the monsoonal south flow to reestablish and bring rain threat to California Sunday into Tuesday. It is even possible we could see heavy rain with this.

Now as always tropical systems to the south are very hard to forecast, we really need to watch as we get closer to the weekend. 

Sunday I think if there is any rain, it will be to the south of out forecast area.
Monday and Monday night will bring the best chance for us. Possible heavy. I will be watching this closely as we get towards the start of the work week.
In the mean time, stay tuned.

Enjoy the rest of the work week. More to follow!

Jack Martin

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