By Jack Martin on Jul 31, 2023 at 05:49 PM

Good Sunday morning, 

Summers in Santa Barbara, how sweet it is. No where better this time of year for the next 3 months. Warm nights, 80s during the day. No thunderstorms, humidity, bugs, hurricanes or days of really hot temps. 
Yesterday was just one of those days and nights. I hope everyone got to enjoy it.
No need to jump on a plane unless you’re coming here. 

We have 2 more days of July, then we turn the page to August and Fiesta week.

So you ask what’s in store for the weather next week?
In Santa Barbara there will be very few changes, high in the low 80s lows in the 60s. Maybe some morning fog, but burning off quickly.
The valleys, well you will suffer though a few more days of really hot weather with upper 90s to 100 degrees. The good news is there will be a break Tuesday though Thursday where temps will drop in the the 80s, then rise again for the weekend. 

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, the ocean temp is rising at 64 degrees, so a beach day is in order. Enjoy and Viva La Fiesta

Jack Martin

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