By Jack Martin on Jul 27, 2023 at 02:00 PM

Good Thursday morning, 

The month of July has flown by and we are into the last 4 days before we roll into August. As you can see the heat wave will continue into mid next week before we get a break Wednesday. The only relief will be right on the beach areas, where low 80s will make the ocean the place to be this weekend. 

Our local valleys will remain hot until next week with upper 90s for all. Even the evening in some foothills will stay hot over night with 70s. Not cooling a lot. 

Inland valleys, the HWY 41 will be packed with cars coming from Bakersfield to get to the coast where 80s are a lot better than 100s. 

Right now as you rise it is a nice 60 degrees, the highs in SB will range from 80 at the coast and low 90s in the foothills. 

Upper 90s in Santa Ynez and deserts just like a frying pan 🍳. Way to hot you will sizzle.

Next week cooling for valleys into mid week.

Los Angeles, Enjoy the summer weather along the coast this weekend, that will be the one spot to be.

Mark your spot on the beach, because they will be filling up this weekend!

Enjoy, welcome to summer 

Jack Martin

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