By Jack Martin on Jul 24, 2023 at 03:34 PM

Good Monday morning,

I hope everybody had a great weekend. Sunday certainly was a fantastic day to be in Santa Barbara nice breeze 80°, perfect weather!

This morning as we rise and start our work week in Santa Barbara, there’s a little bit of mist in the air just our air conditioner called the Pacific Ocean working overtime.

Looking at the satellite picture, you can see that there’s low pressure system spinning counterclockwise, which is going to create a little bit of havoc and airline delays in the Colorado area. 

Here locally no real changes, to any extremes, but we will begin a cool down for that inland Valley areas. It looks like upper 90s are going to go to lower 90s in Santa Ynez and our local valleys.. and Santa Barbara just more of the same, some mist in the morning fog and then clearing highs and low 80s.

Just perfect weather enjoy your week and we will talk soon.

Interesting news I read today. The Santa Barbara news press is no longer. They printed their last paper Friday, let all staff go and filed bankruptcy. Wow the old is out and new takes over another segment of our lives. It is all about keeping up with the new world of technology, we live in. Personally I can not remember the last time I read a black and white news paper.

Kids will never get to experience what I did in the afternoons in the 1970s, packing 80 newspapers on my bike at 12 years old delivering the Philadelphia bulletin… 

Shoot that was a long time ago…

Have a great week, 
Jack Martin

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Thank you for the kindness and personal interest you showed a couple of old folks that desperately needed good advice on our roof project.
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