By Jack Martin on Jul 21, 2023 at 04:53 PM

Good Friday morning, 

Let’s think back around a month ago... 
Do you remember when I told us we would be wishing we had cold temps and fog? Well, I think all interior valleys will really appreciate that memory. Phoenix, Arizona today will have the 22nd day in a row over 110 degrees, in contrast we will be 82 degrees. Where would you like to be? 

It is always interesting to me listening to the national news. Doom and gloom only. They never talk about where the weather is great only where it is miserable. We are sitting here loving our forecast along the coast. 

Where it will be quite hot just over the hill in SY and a short distance away in other interior locations. The good news is that you can pack your car and drive to the beach in less than 1 hour.

For us lucky ones in SB, we don’t have to go anywhere.
We will keep our secret from the national news, because real estate cost here is high enough as it is 🤣 

Here is our forecast for the next week. Perfect low 80s as highs and 58 overnight. We love the Pacific Ocean A/C unit that sits next to us. 

100 in Santa Ynez this weekend, If you get too hot in the valleys just come over the hill.  

Enjoy the great weekend in SB

Jack Martin

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Thank you for coming up to do the demo for the Career Fair at Los Prietos. All the boys were fascinated by the chance to see how sheet metal is formed, and to do some of it themselves. A hands-on demo is always the most effective in getting the boys involved. We really appreciate your arranging the demo, especially since you had already put so much energy into the talk and demo you did for the Construction Technology class. The teaching and Probation staff were all impressed by how involved the boys were in your demo.
Richard Anderson Instructor
Construction Technology Program Los Prietos Boys Camp