By Jack Martin on Jul 18, 2023 at 05:04 PM

Good Tuesday morning, 

The good news, the red zone of excessive heat is moving further to the east and today will be the coolest in the next 7 days. 

The bad news, we will warm up again in the interiors starting on Wednesday and extend into next week. 

Today the heat will be manageable with sunshine and highs around 90 in Santa Ynez and 80 in SB. 

The coastal fog will continue to hug the coastline with fog at times during the next week. Just enough to keep the coastal city’s in the 80 degrees range. Valleys and interiors you start to warm up again. 95 will be the highs in Santa Ynez and interior valleys well over 100. Palm spring a cool down at 114. “Just get out of there”

Temps for the next week will be around 5 degrees above normal, with mid July summer weather in full swing. 

Enjoy the perfect coastal weather that Santa Barbara brings us. 

As I always say when I return from a trip, "There is no where better than right here In Santa Barbara" 

See you out there in the trenches

Jack Martin

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