By Jack Martin on Jul 11, 2023 at 06:14 PM

Good Tuesday morning, 

What a great Monday and Monday evening it was to be outside. The high in SB hit 81 degrees yesterday, and last night on my deck, a perfect 73 degrees. 

Waking up this morning 55 degrees with fog trying to drift back on top of us. 

This will likely cause some fog along the coast, and some western faces will not see sun until the afternoon. Overall however it is going to warm up, especially in the valleys.

Santa Ynez will see low 90s and climb into the mid 90s this week. SB 80s as we get into the week. 
Wednesday the big warm up really takes over, and warm temps are going to stay through the weekend.

Thursday night-evening SB is looking at a sundowner event. This one will be a warm sundowner with temps at the high of the day at 9 pm. Yep you heard me. Warm compressed air will heat up our atmosphere in SB. 

Beyond, just warm weather, but nice swings at night to cools us down. 50s at night and 80s to 90s during the day. Some higher elevations will likely stay in the 70s Wednesday night and Thursday. 

Just great weather this week, get out there and enjoy!

Jack Martin

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